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”They can imitate your style, but they can’t imitate your creativity.” 



SIMPL’SELF is the one-stop jewelry store in Cambodia, offering a creative space, both online and in-store,  for Cambodian women to find self-expression through jewelry. We have a collection of thousands of pieces across all styles and categories to meet every kind of jewelry needs.  
We are reshaping the jewelry landscape in Cambodia, providing trend setting designs made from high quality materials and fine craftsmanship. We aim to give Cambodian women access to fashion jewelries that are not only esthetically pleasing, but also safe, durable and affordable. We try our best to include in our collection the products that meet international production standards esp. those of European countries:
Products made from materials using electroplating technologies that are environmentally friendly and reduce the chances of allergies (e.g. Nickel, lead and chromium free)
Products made with color retention technologies to ensure usage over a longer time frame.
Beyond shopping for jewelries, It is a process of self discovery at SIMPL’SELF. Our fashion editors curate and categorize each piece in themes/ Trend/ featured series where customers can instantly browse the styles that inspire them. From naturally inspired, handmade Boho Chic (linked to the collection) designs fond of by the world’s fashionistas, to the minimalistic (linked to the collection) designs that are well loved by urban professionals, you can explore and get informed on the world’s later trend in jewelry fashion.   
Serve as the finishing touch of one’s outfit, the right piece of jewelry will be that crucial step to express that unique character that you are. At SIMPL’SELF, you will find the piece that you need. you will find you.

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